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SVSEF Recap for February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Snowboard Team riders Chase Josey and Ryan Roemer have been selected to compete on the American team in the 17th FIS Snowboard Junior World Championship competition Feb. 28-March 11 at Erzurum, Turkey. Although Josey and last year’s USASA overall national champion Roemer won’t attend the event, their selection is a prestigious honor, one that signifies both are competing at the highest levels of the sport, said SVSEF Snowboard Director Andy Gilbert.


The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation is enjoying the distinction of having 28 percent of the quota for the Far West team that will compete at the 2013 USSA Alpine U-18 National Championships at Mammoth Mountain, California, March 4-12. Of 35 possible slots, eight went to SVSEF racers, including Jordan Fitzgerald, Kyla Miller, Linnea Baysinger, Mackenzie Bachmeier, KJ Savaria, Kipling Weisel, Parker Scott and Will Harder.


The FIS Wild West Classic, consisting of four giant slalom and slalom races, was staged last week at Snow King Resort. SVSEF FIS and U-18 racers were part of a field which was comprised of a small number of U.S. Ski Team members, former collegiate racers and elite juniors from the Western Region.


Head coach Nate Schwing said, “I think we more than held our own amongst the best juniors in the western region.”


In Thursday’s opening GS, Kipling Weisel moved from 35th to 15th to 7th place. He also finished 10th in slalom (2nd junior), despite eight stitches in his thigh received the day before after rolling over his ski while warming up on the training course. Kyla Miller skied top 20 every day with a high of ninth in GS.


Also (Thu-GS/Fri-GS/Sat-SL/Sun-SL):

Women: Sofi Leroux 16/21/16/14; Linnea Baysinger 22/24/23/30; Jordan Fitzgerald 28/16/16/57; Mackenzie Bachmeier 30/16/26/21; Amanda Stelling 45/47/29/28, Jenna Jansky 65/dsq/59/56; Taylor Gilliam 83/80/63/62.

Men: Kipling Weisel 7/dnf/dns/10; KJ Savaria 42/dnf/dnf/19; Parker Scott 54/60/dnf/dnf; Will Harder 59/dnf/40/dnf; Tanner Josey 74/80/dnf/; Payton Anderson 95/99/dnf/dnf; Ben Kanellitsas dnf/59/dnf/dnf.


The SVSEF Freestyle Team qualified 17 athletes for the USSA National Championships at Park City, Utah, March 3-10. Named to Nationals for moguls/dual moguls were RJ Bracken, Zac Maricich-Siele, Wyatt Wilson, Alec Poster, Wilson Dunn, Jack Rizzo, Morgan Shaver, Renee Shapiro and Alysha Herich. Halfpipe/slopestyle competitors will be Trevor Hattabaugh, Jacob Beebe, River Kelly, Perry Boyle, Hayes Gilman, Eli Roberts, Parker Nance and Evathea Drougas.


SVSEF Freestyle Gold Team athlete Wing Tai Barrymore finished fifth in men’s skier halfpipe in the SFR French Open at Tignes, France. Teammate Shane Cordeau skied to ninth in moguls and 10th in dual moguls in a NorAm series at Val St. Come, Quebec. Morgan Shaver was 32nd in moguls and dual moguls. Hannah Haupt was seventh in skier halfpipe in the Aspen Open.


Here at home, the SVSEF Freestyle Prep and Devo teams participated in their own team time trials over the weekend.


Freestyle Director Andy Ware said, “This was an opportunity for our younger athletes to get the feeling of being in a competition.  To see what it is like to be in the gate and feel the pressure of putting out your best effort when it counts. We saw some great skiing and great tricks being thrown down.”


Staged on Race Arena, the course was a little more than 200 meters long with one jump at the bottom for athletes to showcase their best tricks. Overall champions were Mikel Sanchez-duPont and Aloe Orison. Second place in the overall went to Toby Rafford and Rainey Wilson, followed by Henry Cherp and Addie Rafford.


With first and second place finishes, SVSEF’s Bennett Snyder was the overall champion of the Monroe Cup North Series races here in Sun Valley. Anya Mulligan of Jackson Hole claimed the girls’ championship. Marit Kaiser won the slalom and was second in giant slalom in the girls’ U-10 division. Nathan Gowe won the U-10 boys’ GS. Madison Ferris, Anwhei Kirk, Wyatt Minor, and Josh Blackburn were also stepped up on the podium. 


U-12 Results (SL-SAT/GS-SUN):

Girls: Allison Rathfon 6/13; Sage Curtis 11/6; Emma MacGuffie 13/20; Laine Allison 14/dnf; Miriam Gilman 21/26; Madison Ferris 23/2; Tia Vontver 25/33; Lucca Vernoy 27/29; Esmee Verheijen 28/32; Emma Madsen 29/30; Alice Hoffer 30/37; Sage Holter 31/36; Sophie Harder 33/38; Elle Mann 34/41; Emilia Hoffer 36/43; Adela Pennell 37/42; Molly Kucher dsq/14; Julia Ott dns/28; Jillian Frost dnf/44; Lily Fitzgerald dsq/dnf; Anja Schweiger dsq/22; Claire Holzman dsq/dsq.

Boys: Bennett Snyder 1/2; Shaw Dean 10/dnf; Alexander Daves 12/17; Charlie Snyder 14/9; Ridley Lindstrom 15/dsq; Ethan Marx 21/21; William Everitt 23/14; Fletcher Stumph 24/10; Aidan Burchmore 29/24; Axel Diehl 31/30; Julian Allchin 33/dns; Wyatt Minor dnf/3; Buey Grossman dnf/8; Jackson Swenke dsq/27.


U-10 Results (GS-SAT/SL-SUN)

Girls: Marit Kaiser 2/1; Anwhei Kirk 3/2; Hannah Ferris 4/21; Jessica Blackburn 5/16; Logan Lindstrom 8/8; Lily Ann Dean 9/5; Tatum Minor 10/dsq; Lola Street 13/9; Laci Jermunson 16/17; Saba Grossman 18/dsq; Lily Enos 22/dsq; Gillian Simcoe 26/25.

Boys: Nathan Gowe 1/dsq; Josh Blackburn 3/3; Ryder Sarchett 4/4; William DeWolfe 5/dsq; Jett Carruth 6/dsq; Connor Campbell 7/6; Joe Goitiandia 10/5; Skye Leininger 15/; Eli Fuller 18/dsq; Axel Hattrup 23/7.