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USASA Big Mountain West Series 

Park City, Utah, February 27-March 3, 2013

USASA Big Mountain West Series 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, February 9-10, 2013 


Open Class: 1-Ali Appleton. Ruggies (7-under): 5-Jack Verhaeghe. Menehune Girls (10-11): 1-Payton Bacca. Menhune Boys: 1-Elk Spencer. Breaker Girls (12-13): 1-Cora Schneider. 3-Phebe Ericksen. 4-Amelia Cookston. Men’s Jams (18-22): 1-Connor Smith. 

Nighttime Rail Jam at Snow King 

Girls (10-13): 1-Phebe Ericksen. 2-Cora Schneider. 3-Payton Bacca. 4-Amelia Cookston. Boys (10-13): 4-Elk Spencer.


Open Class: 1-Ali Appleton. Menehune Girls (10-11): 1-Payton Bacca. Menhune Boys: 2-Elk Spencer. Breaker Girls (12-13): 1-Cora Schneider. 2-Phebe Ericksen. 4-Amelia Cookston. Men’s Jams (18-22): 1-Connor Smith. 

Coach Andy Gilbert said, “It was an awesome weekend. We had podiums and breakthroughs every day. The kids all rode great and the Tutu Crew (the girls on the team wear tutus) was out in force. Phebe had a breakout weekend. She was just charging. Payton had a really good day in the pipe.”   

Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom  

Mt. Baker, Washington, February 8-10, 2013 

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott now has a roll of golden duct tape to add to his trophy collection. Wescott won the legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom yesterday, finishing in 1:33.2. Sun Valley alum Graham Watanabe was second in the men’s pro class in 1:33.8. Current SVSEF comp team member Ryan Roemer finished 14th in 1:36.5. Former coach and alumni Yancy Caldwell was 38th. Another alum, Spencer Cordavano was runner-up in the older amateur class in 1:39.7. 

USASA Big Mountain West Series 

Sun Valley, Idaho, January 24-27, 2013


Thursday, 1/24

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Friday, 1/25 

Boardercross/Skiercross - Click HERE

Saturday, 1/26 

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Sunday, 1/27

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USASA Slopestyle/Halfpipe

Jackson Hole Resort, January 27-28, 2012

Slopestyle/Halfpipe (by class): Clara Jenner 1st/1st; Cora Schneider 2nd/1st; Payton Bacca 3rd/3rd; Elk Spencer 3rd/1st; Clyde Montgomery 5th/4th; Colton Donovan 6th/5th; Colin Finnerty 7th/6th.


Revolution Tour

The new rankings for the Revolution Tour are out and SVSEF snowboarders Chase Josey and Ryan Roemer are ranked third and 11th overall. The Tour serves as a qualifier for pro-level events such as the Grand Prix, as well as the Junior World Championships. The pair will compete in Rev Tour snowboarding events at Otsego, Michigan, February 2-3.


Baldy Banked Slalom

The old halfpipe on Baldy was put to good use Sunday, as the SVSEF and Smith Sport Optics teamed up to stage the first annual Baldy Banked Slalom. The event attracted a whopping 96 snowboarders. The course ran from the top of the old halfpipe on Warm Springs to the finish at the race shack.

"It was phenomenal," SVSEF Snowboard Director Andy Gilbert said. "Cory Smith (Smith Sport Optics) did a fantastic job. It was his (Cory's) brainchild and really brought the larger snowboard community out in force."

Class champions were Spencer Cordavano, Desiree Melacon and Clyde Montgomery. All three received automatic berths in the famed legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom in Washington next month. According to Gilbert it is the oldest snowboarding event in the world.

Gilbert remarked on the first-time event's success.

"It was an event that was approachable by the larger snowboard community. This was you against the clock," he said. "It was extremely fun. You had 6-year-olds and 60-year-olds in the same course. It was really neat to have an event where we could all get together. We don't get to do that very often."

2012 Baldy Banked Slalom Results

Men's Open: 1-Spencer Cordavano, 40.61. 2-Ryan Roemer, 40.68. 3-Beav Oliver, 40.98. 4T-Kai Robrahn & Yancy Caldwell, 41.36.

Women's Open: 1-Desiree Melacon, 44.19. 2-Heather Black, 45.88. 3-Tami Harrison, 47.08. 4-Ciam Parten, 49.18. 5-Paige Rainer, 49.98.

Junior Class: 1-Clyde Montgomery, 48.35. 2-Elk Spencer, 48.92. 3-Clara Jenner, 51.41. 4-Cora Schneider, 52.43. 5-Emmy McCune, 52.43.

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