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2014-15 SVSEF Prep Team 

Prep Team

The Prep Team is primarily for riders 9-11 years old. As the name implies, Prep Team is preparation to become the best snowboarder you can be. Riders will take the skills learned on the Devo Team and continue to develop them by increasing training days. Riders will continue to use freeriding as the basis to becoming a well rounded rider while beginning to focus on the different disciplines with in the sport. Riders will work within a group setting Friday after school and Saturdays and Sundays December through March. Riders will also be encouraged to test the competitive waters by participating in our local USASA slopestyle and halfpipe event.


  • USSA Regional Competitor’s License required.
  • USASA License required for home event.


  • Athletes will have on-snow training Fridays after school to 4:00 pm; and Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. A average of 59 days of on snow training on Baldy and Dollar mtns and winter Air Barn training sessions.  See snowboard Devo/Prep team calendar for complete schedule
  • Freeriding and fun are still at the core of this program, but riders will be exposed to drills, gates, halfpipe and freestyle training to create well rounded snowboarders.
  • All riders will be encouraged to enter local events i/e Sun Valley Rail Jams, and local USASA event.
  • Dryland training sessions are offered in the fall in the SVSEF Airbarn- Indoor training facility.  Dryland is an additional cost and not required, although recommended. 
  • Average athlete to coach ratio is 6:1.