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Future Freestylers event

The SVSEF Freestyle Devo and Prep teams had their chance to go for gold this past weekend at the Future Freestylers mogul event at Roundhouse Slope on Bald Mountain.  

Freestyle director Andy Ware said, “Our younger athletes have been working hard all season long developing their skiing skills and this was a chance for them to apply what they have learned in a competitive setting. Our older athletes from the comp home and travel teams spent the weekend skiing with the younger athletes and helping out with the event. It was a great way to get everyone connected.”

Ware said he was very impressed with the level of skiing displayed by the younger athletes, adding “Our coaches have done an outstanding job this season sharing their passions for skiing and teaching the young ones the basics.”

The girls’ overall championship went to Logan Smith followed by Frances Cherp and Amanda Brown. Sam Ware and Joe Markthaler tied for the boys’ overall title with Harper Mallet second and Braden Buchanan third. 

Results by age class


Class 7: 1-Tatum Ware & Attie Murray (tie). 2-Tilly Babcock. 

Class 8: 1-Maya Lighter. 2-Charlotte Davis-Jeffers. 3-Samantha Smith. 4-Ruby Crist. 

Class 9: 1-Frances Cherp. 

Class 10: 1-Logan Smith. 2-Amanda Brown. 3-Noelle LaFleur. 4-Avery Griffin. 5-Carson Vogel. 6-Isabelle Thompson. 


Class 8: 1-Gage Wilson. 2-Lucas Carlson. 3-Ari Roberts. 4-John Tumolo. 5-Anton Holter. 6-Zephyr Carruth. 7-Asher Maxwell.

Class 9: 1-Braden Buchanan. 2-Lachlan McFarland. 3-Charlie Price. 4-Will Benners. 5-Caden Clifford.

Class 10: 1-Sam Ware & Joe Markthaler (tie). 2-Harper Mallet. 3-Dylan Mills. 4-Gavin Rutherford & Luke Beebe (tie). 5-George Murray. 6-Wilson Baker. 7-Erik Babcock. 8-Adam Kind. 

Class 11: 1-Axel Diehl. 2-Will Price. 3-Alex Austin. 4-Ridge Dirksmeier. 5-Tripp Benners. 6-Brian Heekin.


SVSEF Gold Team freestyle skier Shane Cordeau skied to second place in a NorAm Cup at Val Saint-Come, Canada, on February 7. The 27-year-old Cordeau was runner-up by .86 of a point to Dylan Walczyk of Vail, Colorado. The following day Cordeau skied to seventh place in dual moguls. 

Bridger Bowl Moguls

Bozeman, Montana, February 8-9, 2014

Freestyle Travel team member Zach Maricich-Siele swept all three events at Bridger Bowl, Montana, last weekend. Wilson Dunn, Eliza Marks, Jack Rizzo and Luke Rizzo all stepped up on the podium with top finishes within their age group. 


Moguls 1 (overall/class) 

Women: 6/2-Parker Nance. 11/1-Eliza Marks. Men: 1/1-Zach Maricich-Siele. 4/4-Jack Rizzo. 7/1-Wilson Dunn. 8/1-Wyatt Wilson. 12/2-Luke Rizzo. 13/4-Tobias Verheijen. 

Moguls 2 (overall/class)

Women:  7/3-Parker Nance. 9/1-Eliza Marks. Men: 1/1-Zach Maricich-Siele. 6/4-Jack Rizzo. 7/2-Wilson Dunn. 13/3-Luke Rizzo. 


Men: 1-Zach Maricich-Siele. 6-Jack Rizzo. 7-Wilson Dunn. 18-Luke Rizzo. Women: 9-Parker Nance. 10-Eliza Marks. 

Sun Valley Freestyle Spectacular

Sun Valley, Idaho, January 23-26, 2014




Dual Moguls

Intermountain Mogul Challenge 

Deer Valley, Utah, February 9-10, 2013


Dual moguls

Single moguls #1

Single moguls #2

Bridger Bowl Moguls

Bozeman, Montana, February 2-3, 2013

Intermountain Championships 

Snowbird, Utah, January 26-27, 2013

Sun Valley Spectacular

Sun Valley, Idaho, January 17-20, 2013

Halfpipe #1:          Overall    

Halfpipe #2:          Overall

Slopestyle #1:       Overall    

Slopestyle #2:       Overall    

Single moguls #1:  Overall     Age Class 

Single moguls #2:  Overall     Age Class

Dual moguls: Overall


Snowbowl Throwdown

Snowbowl, Montana, January 11-13, 2013

Photos from the event:


Freestyle Classic

Park City, Utah, January 10-12, 2013


Sun Valley Freestyle Spectacular

Sun Valley Resort, January 26-29, 2012

For complete results, click HERE


Freestyle Classic

Park City, Utah, January 18-20, 2012

Halfpipe, 1/19 (overall/class)

Boys: 3-Trevor Hattabaugh (1-M1). 4-Ben Parker (2-M3). 9-Eli Roberts (2-M4). 12-Frederick Grathwohl (4-M4). 14-Ian Thomas (5-M4). 16-Perry Boyle (4-M4).

Slopestyle, 1/20

Boys: 2-Trevor Hattabaugh (2-M4). 15-Perry Boyle (2-M3). 23-Frederick Grathwohl (3-M4). 29-Eli Roberts (5-M4). 48-Wilder Curtis (4-M4). 49-Ian Thomas (13-M4).


Snowbowl Throwdown

Missoula, Montana,  January 13-15, 2012

Slopestyle, 1/13

Girls: 3-Parker Nance. Boys: 2-Alec LaFleur. 5-Brody Buchwalter. 6-Blake Harmon.

Moguls #1, 1/14 

Girls: 7-Morgan Shaver. 11-Alysha Herich. 14-Claire Siderman. 15-Renee Shapiro. 25-Giselle Harmon (1st J5). 26-Parker Nance. 29-Evethea Drougas. 30-Katie Markthaler (2nd J5). Boys: 10-RJ Bracken. 12-Trevor Norris. 16-Wyatt Wilson. 22-Zac Siele Maricich. 25-Brody Buchwalter. 28-Lucas Beste. 30-Alec LaFleuer. 39-Jack Rizzo. 42-Wilson Dunn. 49-Blake Harmon. 52-River Curtis.

Moguls #2, 1/15

Girls: 11-Siderman. 13-Herich. 20-Shaver. 22-Drougas. 23-Nance. 26-Shapiro. Boys: 1-Norris. 11-Bracken. 15-Siele-Maricich. 21-Dunn. 25-Curtis. 29-Beste. 38-Rizzo. 40-Wilson.

Duals, 1/15

Girls: 2-Siderman. 9T-Shaver, Shapiro. 17T-Herich, Drougas, Nance.

Boys: 6-Norris. 9T-Bracken, Siele-Maricich. 17T-Rizzo, Dunn, Beste, Wilson. 33-Curtis.

Freestyle Awards Banquet

Sun Valley, Idaho, April 16, 2012

SVSEF Program Director Andy Ware headed up the post-season party at Whiskey Jacques on Monday.

"It's always difficult for us coaches to choose award recipients. We have such great kids," Ware said.

The Ron Von Hagen Defining Success award went to Renee Shapiro and RJ Bracken.

Coach's Awards went to Devo team members Axel Diehl and Addison Rafford, Ben Anderson and Eliza Marks on Prep B, Brody Buchwalter and Morgan Shaver on Prep A, and Timo Gould for Comp Pipe/Park. Comp Mogul recipents were Jack Rizzo and Claire Siderman. Eli Robertson was voted Most Inspirational.

Academic award recipients (9th-12th grade) for carrying a grade point average of 3.5 or better were Renee Shapiro, Claire Siderman, Hannah Haupt, Alysha Herich, Morgan Shaver, Nathan Moses, Trevor Norris and RJ Bracken.


Spring Fling Fiesta

Bridger Bowl, Montana, April 7-8, 2012

Sun Valley freestyle skiers capped the 2011-12 season at the Spring Fling Fiesta at Bridger Bowl, Montana. The event featured two single mogul events and a dual bump contest.

Jake Little opened the series with a second in singles, and went on to claim wins in the other two competitions. RJ Bracken was on top of the podium with a third in singles, as well as a fourth (singles) and fifth (duals). Morgan Shaver was top five twice in singles with a second place finish in the opening bump comp. Alysha Herich finished fifth and sixth. Renee Shapiro and Claire Siderman finished fifth and seventh in singles. Shapiro, Siderman and Alysha Herich were fourth, fifth and sixth in duals.

Results (singles/singles/duals):

Girls: Morgan Shaver 2/4/9; Alysha Herich 5/13/6; Claire Siderman 11/7/5; Renee Shapiro 14/5/4.

Boys: Jake Little 2/1/1; RJ Bracken 3/4/5; Zac Maricich-Siele 7/8/9; Wyatt Wilson 10/11/8; Wilson Dunn 11/14/9; Jack Rizzo 15/12/9.


Lane Parrish Memorial

Sun Valley, Idaho, March 23 & 25

Lily Fitzgerald and Brett Dueter claimed the overall championships at the 2012 Monster Lane Parrish Memorial. Runner-up racers were Libby Kaiser and Brody Buchwalter (who lost the championship title in an arm-wrestling match against the much-older Dueter). Third place was garnered by Madison Ferris and Alan Rickers. Mogul champions were Katrina Harmon and Buchwalter. Super G champs were Haley Cutler and Miles Fink-Debray.

For complete results - Click HERE


USSA Revolution Tour

Mt Snow, Vermont, March 2012

SVSEF Freestyle team athletes Timothy Gould and Perry Boyle traveled with coach Clint Lightner to Mt Snow, Vermont, for the USSA Revolution Tour halfpipe and slopestyle finals last week. Unseasonably warm temperatures made for challenging conditions for both events. Gould placed 40th in slopestyle and Perry Boyle finished 46th in a highly competitive field. In halfpipe, Gould was fifth overall and Boyle 20th. 

“The Rev Tour is the bridge tour between a divisional event and the pro-level events. The athletes are really pushing the limits trying to move up to the pro level.  These are outstanding results for athletes," SVSEF Freestyle Program Directior Andy Ware said. Both Gould and Boyle are first year members of the SVSEF Freestyle team. 

“These guys are on a roll right now.  Both of them qualified for Junior National Championships. Timo qualified for the Freestyle National Championships, too. They have had an outstanding season," Ware remarked.


U.S. National Championships

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, March 13-18

The SVSEF Freestyle team earned several personal bests at the U.S. Freestyle Jr. National Championships last week. “This event is loaded with the best freestyle skiers in country, many of them are 17-18 years old. Our team is young and to just qualify for this event is a major achievement,” said SVSEF Freestyle Director Andy Ware. “Although our athletes were shut out of the finals they put forth their best efforts and many earned personal bests at this event.”

Morgan Shaver led the team with a 27th overall in single moguls, a mere point from the finals. Shaver made it to the second round of duals. Renee Shapiro bounced back from a season ending knee injury in 2011 to finish 12th overall in halfpipe and 37th overall in singles. “I didn’t expect Renee to even be competing this season. Her determination to not only compete but make it to Junior Nationals is what fueled her season," Ware said.

Alysha Herich came on strong in the last month to qualify for JN's and finished 52nd overall in moguls and skied her way into the second round of duals. Claire Siderman was 42nd in moguls. Zach Maricich-Siele made into the second round of the men’s dual moguls. RJ Bracken went full throttle in both men’s moguls and dual moguls but could not complete his runs. Wyatt Wilson bowed out after the first round of duals.

Head mogul coach Joey Cordeau will travel with Claire Siderman, Morgan Shaver, RJ Bracken, Wyatt Wilson, and Timo Gould to the U.S. Freestyle National Championships March 20-26 at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.  SVSEF Gold team member as U.S. Freestyle Ski team athlete Shane Cordeau will also be competing. Trevor Hattabaugh also qualified but will not compete due to injury.


Intermountain Division Freestyle Championships

Several SVSEF athletes warmed up for the USSA Junior National Freestyle Championships at Steamboat Springs, Colo., March 5-11, at the Intermountain Division Championships at Park City. In mogul events, Jake Little was second in duals and eighth in singles. Zac Maricich-Siele was sixth in duals. Former SVSEF skier Austin Bourett was third on both days and Aunika Phillips won singles.

Results (singles/duals):

Girls: Renee Shapiro 7/6; Morgan Shaver 8/4; Claire Siderman 9/8; Alysha Herich 11/9; Parker Nance 14/9.

Boys: RJ Bracken 11/9; Zac Maricich-Siele 18/6; Wyatt Wilson 22/17; Brody Buchwalter 24/9; Alex LaFleur 25/17; Wilson Dunn 26/17; Jack Rizzo 28/17; Hunter Diehl 30/NR; Blake Harmon 34/17.


Intermountain Division Championships

Dollar Mountain was the backdrop for for the Intermountain Division Freestyle Championships last week. The format was slopestyle and halfpipe.

SVSEF Freestyle Director Andy Ware said, "This was the third freestyle skiing event that Sun Valley Company has been host to in the last month. If it were not for their willingness many of our athletes would have missed out on opportunities to make it to the Freestyle Junior National and U.S. National Championships.”

Ware added, "Our athletes had a terrific weekend on their home turf. It is great to see an athlete giving his best effort and landing the run they have been training all season.”

Highlights included: Eli Roberts winning both slopestyle events in the M4 class and 1st M4 the second halfpipe event. Rookie team member Timothy Gould had the biggest air of the day in halfpipe en route to a 2nd overall and 1st M1 in Sunday’s first halfpipe event. Other class champions were Ben Parker, Axel Diehl, George Murray, Renee Shapiro, Devon Brown, Alex LaFleur, and Blake Beckwith.  


Sun Valley Showdown

Race Arena on Bald Mountain was the venue for the Sun Valley Showdown - Last Chance Qualifier mogul event last weekend.

“Our athletes needed another shot at competing to try and improve their national standings and qualify for U.S. Junior Nationals and U.S. National Championships," SVSEF Freestyle Director Andy Ware said.  “Sun Valley Company put so much work into building our mogul course we decided we would host another mogul event."

The Showdown format was single moguls and dual moguls both Saturday and Sunday. 

In Saturday’s single mogul competition SVSEF athlete Renee Shapiro, finished second overall and second in the F3 class. Claire Siderman was third overall and in the F3 class. Eliza Marks took home her first win in the F5 class. RJ Bracken led all SVSEF men finishing third overall and second M1. It was a SVSEF sweep in the M4 class with Alex LaFleur (9th overall) first, Wilson Dunn (11th) second and Jamie Rollerson (16th) third. Luke Rizzo won the M5 class for the second weekend in a row tying for 16th place overall. 

Alysha Herich and Trevor Norris won the dual mogul titles Saturday. Morgan Shaver and RJ Bracken skied to third place. Evathea Drougas finished fourth. Sun Valley women again claimed three of the top four spots with Shaver winning, Siderman second and Herich fourth. Jack Rizzo was the top SVSEF boy in fourth place.

Siderman was runner-up in her class and overall in single moguls on Sunday. Herich (1st F2) was third, and Shaver (2nd F2) fourth. Giselle Harmon won the F5 class. 

Norris topped the M2 class and placed third overall, followed by Bracken (3rd M1) in fourth. Class champions included M3 Brody Buchwalter (10th overall), M4 Jamie Rollerson (11th overall), and M5 Wyatt Minor.

“We accomplished what we set out to do this weekend.  Some of our athletes that were in jeopardy of missing a trip to Junior Nationals and put forth a great effort and got the results they needed to qualify," Ware stated.

The team will be announced next week. In the meantimes, Sun Valley will once again be the backdrop for an Intermountain Division event, the IMD slopestyle and halfpipe championships. Competition will take place Friday and Saturday at Dollar Mountain.


NorAm Races

In a pair of NorAm competitions at Val St. Come, Canada, Feb. 18-19, SVSEF Gold Team member Shane Cordeau skied to second in dual moguls and seventh overall in singles. Cordeau will travel to Killington, Vermont, this weekend for another set of races before the U.S. National Championships next month at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.


Freestyle recap for February 10-12, 2012

"It was a divide and conquer strategy and we did pretty well," SVSEF Freestyle Director Andy Ware said. “We had athletes and coaches all over the place."

SVSEF racers competed at four different venues in two Western states, including Utah and Montana.

Head Park and Pipe coach Ben Verge took Ben Parker and Trevor Hattabaugh to the Gatorade Free Flow and Dew Tour finals. In men's ski superpipe, Parker finished fourth overall. Hattabaugh landed low on a flat 5 and suffered a fractured collar bone.

Head Mogul coach Joey Cordeau took a group of athletes to Deer Valley, Utah, for the Wasatch Freestyle Intermountain Mogul Challenge. Athletes tested their mettle on the World Cup "Champion" course, which is 250 meters long and has a pitch of 28 degrees. It is universally acknowledged as one of the steepest and difficult courses on the World Cup circuit.

Morgan Shaver led all SVSEF women finishing fourth overall and winning the F2 class on Saturday, followed by Claire Siderman (2nd-F3) in seventh place, and Alysha Herich (3rd-F2) in ninth. Heavy snow on Sunday limited competition to a women's single run. Shaver was fifth overall and in her class. Siderman (2nd-F3) was eighth, and Herich (4th-F2) 20th.

In the boys' division, Wyatt Wilson (3rd-M2) finished 14th overall. Jack Rizzo (4th-M3) was 17th. Wilson Dunn (18th overall) and Jamie Rollerson (21st overall) were first and second in the M4 class.

Trevor Norris returned from a stress fracture in his tibia in moguls at Lost Trail Pass, Montana. Norris won the men's overall title Saturday. Zach Maricich-Siele was 10th overall and fourth in the M3 class. River Curtis collected 11th overall and second in the M2 class. In dual moguls, Siele (4th-M3) finished fourth and River Curtis (2nd-M2) 14th. Renee Shapiro won the F1 class on both days and finished second and third overall. She made it to the finals in duals, finishing second.

Utah Olympic Park was the site of devo moguls and slopestyle. Ware and coach Jennifer Diehl took 13 athletes to the 13-under comp.

"We definitely made our presence felt at the devo event. It was quite possibly the most outstanding team performance I have ever seen,” Ware said.

SVSEF claimed five of the top 10 spots in the men's mogul competition with Alvaro Jiraldo winning with teammate Luke Rizzo second (1st-M5). Cooper Roquet (2nd-J4) finished fifth, Eli Roberts (3rd-M4) was sixth and Hunter Diehl (3rd-M5) seventh. In the M5 class, Brian Heekin was sixth, Alex Diehl ninth, and Will Price 10th. Blake Beckwith and George Murray finished third and fifth in the M6 class.

 Addison Raddord was runner-up in mogul and first in the F5 class. Devon Brown ( 4th-F4) was sixth overall and Eliza Marks (3rd-F4) was 11th.

“Our youngest athletes skied great. We were on the podium in every age class," Ware observed.

SVSEF skiers stood tall again in slopestyle on Sunday. Brown was fourth overall and second in the F4 class. Roberts (2nd-M4) edged teammate Jiraldo (3rd-M4) by .3 of a point to take third and fouth. Roquet (7th-M4) was 13th, Hunter Diehl (4th-M5) 15th, Heekin (3rd-M6) 21st, Axel Diehl (7th-M5) 23rd and Beckwith (4th-M6) 24th.


Discovery Bowl, Montana

  The Sun Valley Freestyle team was back on the road last weekend at Discovery Basin, Montana. Coaches Joey Cordeau and Josh Zuck took 14 SVSEF athletes to compete in a Northern Division moguls contest. 

Senior RJ Bracken had an outstanding weekend finishing second overall and second in the M1 class in singles Saturday. He followed that up by winning the dual mogul title on Sunday. 

“RJ is starting to find his rhythm now and gaining confidence with each event," SVSEF Freestyle Program Director Andy Ware remarked. 

Also in singles, Renee Shapiro skied to second overall and first in the F3 class. Teammates Claire Siderman and Alysha Herich were fifth and sixth overall.

Siderman led the Sun Valley women in singles on Sunday, as runner-up and first in the F3 class, and followed that up with a sixth in duals. 12-year-old Wilson Dunn rocked his runs, finishing fourth overall in duals.

SVSEF freestyle skiers will challenge themselves on the World Cup course at Deer Valley, Utah, this weekend. Also on tap are Devo moguls and slopestyle at Utah Olympic Park.