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2013 USSA Snowboard Club of the Year 



Geared for riders 7-9 years old, participants will focus on freeriding, rails, jumps, halfpipe, gates and more. Our focus is on three key elements: Freeriding, Fundamentals and Fun! Kids will get to ride with a great group of riders as well as the SVST coaches who have years of practical experience getting young riders to realize their potential. The goal of the D-Team is to foster a life long love of snowboarding.


  • Athletes must be currently in the second grade or older
  • USSA Competitor’s License required.
  • USASA membership required for home event.


  • Devo team trains 2 days/week + holiday camp/spring break camp. Total of 45 days/season on snow + 11 fall dryland sessions. 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.
  • Riders in this program are exposed to all aspects of snowboarding including freestyle, alpine, mountain etiquette and all the basic fundamentals necessary to become a great rider. All of this combined with our most important element, FUN, makes it a great place to start for kids who want to take their riding to a new level.
  • Riders work together with their coaches and teammates to achieve their goals and have a great time in the process. 
  • 11 dryland training sessions are offered in the fall at the SVSEF Airbarn Indoor training facility. Dryland is an additional cost (dryland not required)
  • Average athlete to coach ratio is 6:1

Prep Team

The Prep Team is primarily for riders 9-11 years old. As the name implies, Prep Team is preparation to become the best snowboarder you can be. Riders will take the skills learned on the Devo Team and continue to develop them by increasing training days. Riders will continue to use freeriding as the basis to becoming a well rounded rider while beginning to focus on the different disciplines with in the sport. Riders will work within a group setting Friday after school and Saturdays and Sundays December through March. Riders will also be encouraged to test the competitive waters by participating in our local USASA slopestyle and halfpipe event.


  • USSA Regional Competitor’s License required.
  • USASA License required for home event.


  • Athletes will have on-snow training Fridays after school to 4 p.m.; and Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 59 days of on snow training on Baldy and Dollar mountains.  See snowboard Devo/Prep team calendar for complete schedule
  • Freeriding and fun are still at the core of this program, but riders will be exposed to drills, gates, halfpipe and freestyle training to create well-rounded snowboarders.
  • All riders will be encouraged to enter local event, including Sun Valley Rail Jams, and local USASA event.
  • 11 dryland training sessions are offered in the fall in the SVSEF Airbarn- Indoor training facility.  Dryland is an additional cost and not required, although it is recommended. 
  • Average athlete to coach ratio is 6:1.

Comp Home Team

        The Comp home team offers a broad range of opportunities. The purpose of this team is to introduce younger athletes moving up from Prep team to a more focused and dedicated training schedule, develop maturing social skills and increase strength/coordination towards advancing snowboarding skills. Comp home team also allows older athletes who are committed to multiple sports/activities to remain with their peers and continue to train at a reduced training regiment, two after-school training days and two weekend days.  This is a dynamic training group and the coaching staff has the ability to bring consistent coaching and ideas to riders over the course of their time with the team through increased training. In addition it allows young riders to have a larger connection to the different levels of opportunity in snowboarding as a whole.


  • USSA Regional Competitor License required.
  • USASA National membership required to compete in home event
  • FIS license required for Rev Tour/Grand Prix, coaches will advise if necessary


  • Build upon peer relationships developed on the Devo and Prep teams.
  • Continued emphasis on respect for people, places, and property. (locker room provided)
  • Training 4 days/week (Thur-Sun) 75 days on snow + 22 days of fall dryland
  • Weekday training after school until 4 p.m.; and Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 
  • Training will cover all aspects of riding, including, but not limited to; halfpipe, freeriding, slopestyle and boardercross.
  • Summer Camp opportunities will be available. Tuition does not include camp opportunities.
  • Dryland training included in tuition fees.
  • Prepare athletes for the commitment and dedication of the Comp travel team.
  • Athletes will have an academic advisor available to them throughout the academic year.
  • Average athlete to coach ratio is 6:1.

Comp Travel Team

               The purpose of the Snowboard Comp Travel Team is to contribute to the individual development of adolescents through intense, high energy, year round snowboard training.  Our focus is on keeping snowboarding fun while “doing the work” to help athletes become the best they are capable of becoming.  The Comp team trains June-April with weekly workouts and summer camps.  The Comp travel team competes in the USASA Big Mountain West division, USSA Rev Tour and other select high level events. Athletes on the Comp travel team often set goals of qualifying for USASA National Championships, earning spots on the U.S. Snowboarding team, and ultimately professional snowboarding careers.      


  • USSA Regional Competitor License required.
  • USASA National membership required.
  • FIS licensed required for Rev Tour/Grand Prix events.


  • Develop strong strength of team relationships.  Realization of the power of committing to, supporting, and being part of a team.
  • Stress the power of respect for one’s self and others.
  • Provide training/competition format that allows athlete to set-strategize-assess-and achieve goals.
  • Create training/competitive pipeline for athletes to whose goals are to become professional snowboarders.
  • Athletes will have an academic advisor/tutor available to assist in managing academics and training/travel schedules.
  • Comp travel team trains 6 days/week (Tue-Sun) 106 days on snow + 22 days of fall dryland training. Dryland training included in tuition fees.
  • Weekday training after school until 4:00 pm; and Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Locker room provided.
  • Average athlete to coach ratio is 6:1.
  • 3, one-week summer snowboard camps and one early winter camp possible. Camps are not included in tuition.  All travel for events/camps is additional.