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SVSEF U16+ Timberline Camp June 7th-15th 2014


Spring training is the beginning of the 2014-15 season.  This project provides the venue and opportunity to start the season while firing on all cylinders. Mt Hood is a great venue to meet our goals for the project:

  1. Define and implement the technical progressions for the upcoming season
  2. Get on snow and capitalize on improvement
  3. Test equipment and get a clearer picture of equipment needs for the coming season
  4. Build team and inspire


Registration Deadline and deposit:  Friday, May 16th.  Accommodations will be finalized on this date based on subscription.  Athletes can sign up after this date, but a $100 late fee will be incurred.  Deposit of $300 is required to secure your space.  Please contact to sign up for the project. 


Payment:  $1850 for the camp cost.  This covers everything, minus $$$ for travel meals, spending cash, $$ for meals on day off, and optional dryland costs (see below).  Please have your payment in to the office in full by Tuesday, June 3rd.  Payment can also be mailed to the office at P.O Box 203, Sun Valley, ID 83353.


Departure and lodging Info:

Saturday, June 7th from the training center at 8:00 am sharp- Please be at the training center at 7:15am with your soft gear for loading.  Please have your ski bags at the training center by noon on Wednesday the 4th, this will greatly facilitate the packing process!!! (Not to mention it will ensure that you have a chance to go over your gear and address any issues).

  • We will make the journey to Government Camp, Oregon, in one day.
  • I am still working through the accommodation component, but we are looking to stay at the Collins Lake Resort as we have in projects past.  The facility is top notch and covers all our essential needs while there (individual garages for ski prep, kitchens for snacks, great central location, etc.)
    • Confirmations will be sent once this has been finalized and our numbers are set.
  • Breakfast, lunches and dinners during the camp are included in the camp price.  Snacks and food costs on travel days will be paid for by the athlete.  Due to the fact that we have access to kitchenettes- there will be lots of opportunity for preparing snacks, the athletes should bring money to cover any grocery shopping they would like to do.  There will be one day off half way through the trip and we are planning to do some sort of excursion, meals will not be covered on the day off so please plan accordingly…. A little extra $$ for this day may be useful.  In years past we have had groups playing paintball, a group going to Portland, etc.    On travel days athletes will be responsible for all of the meal costs (1 day there and .5 on return).  
  • Our breakfast and lunches will be taken at Mt. Hood.  We are still exploring the best options for dinners.

Begin Skiing on 8th of June -- The mornings are early.  We have lanes reserved on the mountain.  We will be working in groups and focusing on the basics.  We will be primarily working on stance, ankle and knee agility, hip dynamics, solid upper body technique; then moving into more of the tactical basics of gate training (GS and SL).  Again, the primary focus of this experience is to prepare our athletes for the coming season with a super strong understanding of basic Alpine techniques and tactics.    We will be training the 8-11th with the 12th being a day off for us to rest and get out and explore a little bit of the area.  On snow training 13-15th.  After each morning session on snow there will be afternoon activities and dryland sessions every day, followed by video analysis and chalk talks.

  • After training on the 15th we will pack up and hit the road.  We plan on getting home on the evening of the 15th.  Expect us home around 9 or ten in the evening.



Afternoon activities:

One of the really dynamic aspects of traveling to summer camp is the afternoon/dryland activity options.  There are loads and loads of really great things to do.  The area around Mt. Hood is packed with infinite possibilities.

  • Every day there will be a dryland training session after skiing.  On some days there will be some opportunity to divide up in groups and go biking or something along those lines (activities that require a little bit of $$$ to do).  If you are interested in these activities please bring some funds with you to cover the cost.  There will, of course, be a non-fee session available every day.


List of Necessities:

GS Skis

SL Skis

Poles (GS and SL)—Please make sure your poles have baskets prior to departure!!!

Protective gear- helmet, slalom pads, GS pads

Hats, gloves, goggles – remember we are spring skiing!!! Please bring extras in case stuff gets    


Rain Gear- hopefully we won’t get much of this but you absolutely- positively need to have full

      rain gear Tops and bottoms (there are ones that you can simply pull over your bibs or DH suit

      if the rains come)

DH suits

Training Shorts (worn over the DH suits)

Sun Glasses


Bathing suit

Ski Socks  (multiple pair)

Dryland wear- tough running shoes, warm-ups, shorts – no skate shoes for dryland!!!!

Water bottles- the kind that Nordic skiers use are great, they fasten around your waist and will be

      great for all occasion (on/off snow)

Sun Block

Ski tuning equipment- basic set up, files, guides, wax, iron, stones.  We realize that some

     athletes don’t have any tuning gear, Coaches will bring equipment and

     provide some basic introduction to the concepts and practice of tuning your own gear.

Basic wardrobe for a spring trip- layers are good we are still going to be in the mountains- shorts,

      sandals, tee-shirts, etc.



Bike wear – there will be opportunities to ride bikes but we ask to please not bring your own –

                   space issue- there are lots for rent there!

               **If you are training for a competitive bike season you are allowed to bring your bike, but

               only if you are training for your bike team.