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Sean Nurse Memorial

U14 Qualifier at Snow King Travel Sheet

TEAM:  ALPINE – U14                 DATES:  Jan. 9-11 (travel on Jan. 8)

EVENTs: 2 G.S; 1 SL


Brett Morris                           208-720-8143

Charlotte Gourlay    

Matt Murphy

Hunter Storey


ACCOMODATIONS – Elk Country Inn – 307-733-2364


Date: Thursday, Jan. 8  Time:  10:30 AM                Where:  Engl Training Center

Your gear must be here by 9 a.m. to be loaded. Be sure to mark your name and race location on your bags!!! 


        Date: 1/30/2014                Time: 11:30 a.m.                         Where:  Training Center

                                                        11:45 a.m. (if needed)                     Community School

                                                        12 p.m. (if needed)                       Wood River Middle School



      Date:  Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015                                Approximate Time of Return: 10:00 PM

Payment Info:  Please get payment to the SVSEF office BEFORE DEPARTURE.  Please have a check payable to SVSEF for $425 staying with team and $350 for those not staying with the team.

You will need money for all meals.

Race Schedule

Jan. 9  –  GS

Jan. 10  – GS

Jan. 11  -  SL