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U-12 Travel Description 2014/15

Year of birth 2003 - 2004  


Team Philosophy - This program's primary focus is to work with highly motivated U-12 aged athletes on their technical and tactical fundamentals. The U-12 travel team is designed, and staffed, by coaches who are committed to making the training atmosphere fun, challenging, and relevant to the current and future potential of the athlete.  Improving, honing and refining basic skills and fundamentals will ensure our athletes progress when moving on to the next age class. The core training plan of the team revolves around the North Series races held within the Intermountain Division.  In addition to the North Series races, we will have timing to practice real time race scenarios:  inspection, mindset, visualization and competition anxiety management.  These skills transfer directly over to the athlete's participation at the North Series competitions.  The travel team will not race the U-12 Home Mini World Cup race series.  We will also have a Skills Quest evaluation some time in March.  The USSA's Long Term Athlete Development progressions, and Skills Quest evaluation methods are used for designing and implementing appropriate training plans for the U-12 Travel athlete.  Timing and video are also provided for the U-12 Travel athlete.


Training - 4 days per week - Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday through the end of March

  • The U-12 Travel team will train a higher percentage of total skiing in gates than their U-12 Home counterparts.   This higher volume of gates will be in preparation of the North Series competition schedule.  We will also focus on freeskiing and skiing in all types of terrain.  
  • Thanksgiving pre-season camp invitation - five day camp 
  • Christmas Camp begins on Dec. 21st - we will have 10 days during that time.
  • When available and appropriate, U-12 Travel athletes will utilize late Dollar training and have access to early morning Super G training.
  • The U-12 Travel team is managed separately from the U-12 Home team, however, at times, the U-12 Travel team will train with the U-12 Home team.  And at times, the U-12 Travel team will train with the U-14 team when schedules permit.


Races - North Series races

  • May participate in the Sammis Camas Soldier Mountain Downhill camp.
  • The U-12 Age class races Tall Pole slalom.
  • The U-12 Travel team will train both Tall Gates and Stubbie gates to maximize skill development.


Dryland Training - 3 days per week - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Monday - Hike/ABC's and game                         
  • Wednesday - Field Day- Core, Push-ups, Plyo's/Game (Games with U-12 Home)                        
  • Thursday - Rollerblading - Oct. and Weight Lifting technique - Nov.
  • Physical assessments to be done the first week of dryland - Mon, Tues,Wed and Thurs 4 pm to 5:30 pm to accommodate the other sports practices.  If you are on another sports team, please show up on one of these days to get assessed.  You can refer to the document at the top of the page that says "Click U 12 Travel and Home Dryland 2013" for the fitness evaluation.


Lockers and ski storage will be provided in the ski team training center to store their equipment.