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 WOOD RIVER HIGH SCHOOL (WRHS) - General information and links

Wood River High School continues to work in close partnership with Matt Leidecker and the SVSEF to accommodate the needs of our athletes.  During spring registration, students can sign up for "release periods" in the spring and fall semesters to free up afternoon training time and lighten their academic load during the competitive ski season.   It is important, however, for students to communicate clearly with their individual teachers when they will miss school for a SVSEF event. Here are some useful links.

Blaine County School District Website
Wood River High School Website


WRHS teachers continue to build and develop their online web pages.  Some are better than others at posting coursework and other information on these sites.  This can be in invaluable tool for athletes who are on the road to pull assignments off the teacher's website.  Below is a link to the teacher website page on the Blaine County website.  Take a moment to get familiar with your teacher's website to see how you can utilize them this season.

Staff Directory - Links to teacher Web Pages

*** Important info regarding the WRHS 2015/16 Pre-Registration  ***

Here is a bunch of information about the WRHS registration process as it relates to SVSEF athletes.


WRMS (8th graders) 2015 registration schedule.pdf

Summer IDLA Registration and Course Info.pdf


Release Periods – What time do we get out of school?

Here is the WRHS daily schedule for 2014-15 school year


Release times show at the bottom of the schedule are based on taking one, two, or three release periods.  There are two important points to realize about release periods at WRHS:


#1 - Students have to take release periods in BOTH Fall and Spring semesters in order to cover the entire competition ski season.

#2 - This means that students/athletes will be getting released from school early during the Fall and Spring shoulder seasons when there is often no official SVSEF training.


Release Periods – Are SVSEF athletes allowed to sign up for 3 release periods?

This issue reared its head two years ago due to state funding.  Public school students need to be enrolled in 5 classes a day for the school to receive “full-time” compensation from the state.  Anything less than 5 classes results in the school district getting only “part-time’ compensation. 


A work-around was created last year by enrolling SVSEF athletes in and IDLA Lab for their 5th period.   They were required to sign into their 5th period class (for attendance purposes) but were then allowed to leave to for training.


It is not recommended for 9th and 10th graders to take 3 release periods, but certain exceptions exist in each SVSEF discipline.  If you are hoping to take 3 release periods it will be necessary to eventually work with your counselor in order to place you in an appropriate 5th period class.  The most important thing to do when requesting your courses is to write “SVSEF” in bold on top of your course request sheet so it will be flagged during the scheduling process.



Is there a monitored IDLA Lab at WHRS?

On a positive note, WRHS has established a monitored IDLA lab class.  Students can sign up for this class and do their IDLA work in a daily monitored environment.  Once ski team training begins in December most students should be finished with their online course, or can simply skip the class and do their online coursework at home after skiing.


Rebecca Bornhoft Duncan ( is the new IDLA coordinator at WRHS.  You should contact her with any questions related to the IDLA lab class or signing up for IDLA courses.


The link to the IDLA website is:


SVSEF athletes are typically signed up for a 5th period IDLA lab.  During the early Fall and late Spring portions of each semester when it is not necessary to leave school early for training athletes are REQUIRED to stay in their 5th Period IDLA lab.


Are my course selections final at this time?

The courses you select now are not set in stone.  While I highly recommend choosing courses based on your 4-year plan, it will be possible to tweak your course selection later this spring.  One of the most important things you can do now is to highlight SVSEF in bold letters on all of your pre-registration materials.  This will help the counselors identify the block of ski team athletes who may need scheduling accomodations


The image below shows the WRHS schedule overlaid with SVSEF and IDLA schedules.  You can download a copy of the excel file WRHS master schedule 2015-16.xls It contains the original information show in the slide show above, but students and parents can use the various worksheets to build their 4- or 5-year plans.  It includes several sample 4-year plans that fulfill the requirements for WRHS, WRHS + IB (Middle Years Program), & WRHS + Elite Colleges.  This should be a very useful tool for mapping our your skiing and academic career.