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Sage School Contact: Sara Berman


School Phone: 788-0120

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The following information is from the Sage School's "Guidelines for Sage/SVSA Student Athletes" (download at bottom):


"Part of The Sage School’s approach is to “... help students see themselves as an integral and essential part of their communities and of society… Navigating this world requires compassionate guides and respectful mentors. Navigating this world also requires academic skill, social adeptness, and emotional confidence.

The SVSEF’s mission is “The primary goal of the program is to assist each participant in reaching his/her athletic potential, while developing a positive attitude and strong personal character.” 

We believe that the goals of The Sage School and The SVSEF are complementary in the growth of strong, competent, self-aware young adults. 


By creating these protocols for our student-athletes, we hope to facilitate and foster ongoing academic, athletic, and social/emotional success.  In doing so, we hope to make The Sage School a viable, reputable option for competitive winter athletes, while bringing SVSEF pride to The Sage School community, and Sage School pride to the SVSEF community.


Our schedule allows students flexibility for afternoon training, exemption from their service commitments one afternoon per week, and the opportunity to use Friday afternoons to refine their understanding of their athletic commitments and development. Students who train three days a week, and who take full advantage of all opportunities that Sage offers, may leave Tuesday through Friday at 12:50 and only miss 2 periods of classes."


For more details about the Sage School guidelines and policies as they relate to SVSEF please download the following .pdf documents.


Download SAGE/SVSEF General Guidelines.pdf

Download SAGE/SVSEF Travelform.pdf