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 IDAHO DIGITAL LEARNING ACADEMY (IDLA) - General information and links

"The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is a state-sponsored, accredited, online virtual school created through the Idaho State Legislature (Title 33 Chapter 55) to provide Idaho students with greater access to a diverse assortment of courses and to highly qualified faculty.  This virtual school was created to address the educational needs of all Idaho students: traditional, home schooled, at-risk, and gifted students" (from the IDLA website)

As WRHS students take their "release periods" during the fall and spring semesters they will fall behind in their overall credit accumulation.  It is necessary for students to take IDLA online courses both over the summer and during the first half of the fall trimester to stay current with the rest of their class and on track for graduation.  For more information and course catalog visit the Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Since IDLA is a statewide institution, the courses offered are consistent with the state and Blaine Country curriculum.  They appear as IDLA online courses on your college transcript and provide a convenient way for students to make up credits they missed during the competition season.  IDLA is currently offering three different types of courses: Standard, Flex Recovery and Flex Mastery.


IDLA Registration - Students have to sign up for IDLA courses through Rebecca Bornhoft Duncan, the designated IDLA coordinator at WRHS.  You can email here: or download this Summer IDLA Info Sheet put together by the WRHS counselors.


Here is a handout from the WRHS counselors with information about registration and suggested courses:  Summer IDLA Info.pdf


IDLA Tuition - The cost for IDLA courses are typically $75.  If an SVSEF student takes 4 IDLA courses a year that adds up to $1200 in IDLA fees over a 4-year period.


IDLA Standard Courses - These are nationally accredited courses that meet all WRHS curriculum requirements.  The full semester credit course is offered in a 12-week and 16-week format.  (** Please note that the 12-week course has to follow a more intense work schedule in order to accomplish the necessary work in just 12 weeks).  Students are typically expected to "attend" class and finish work on a regular schedule.  There is flexibility within this format, however, and students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers when they will "miss" class for summer camps or other travel events.


IDLA AP and Dual Credit Courses - IDLA is beginning to offer more AP and Dual Credit classes.  Currently, these are offered during the September 16-week term (Sept 9 - Jan 16).  As of now, there are no AP or Dual Credit courses offered during the summer term.


IDLA Flex Courses - Flex courses are designed to be delivered on a flexible schedule that is driven by the student’s needs.  These self-paced courses allow students to work at their own speed and on their own schedule.  While this seems like a great option for SVSEF athletes, please be aware that currently ** FLEX COURSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY THE NCAA ** as part of the core course requirement for eligibility.

  • Flex Recovery Courses - Some of the flex courses are specifically designed as a credit recovery class for students making up poor or failed grades.
  • High School Flex Courses - are online courses that contain the same rigor as regular IDLA courses, but have the flexibility of schedule and pacing.  ** FLEX COURSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY THE NCAA ** 

    The flex Computer Applications and Health courses, however, are the two exceptions.  They fulfill WRHS graduation requirements but are not courses considered by the NCAA so they are an option for our athletes.


Download the full 2014-15 Flex Academy Flyer for complete information and offerings.


IDLA Summer and Fall Course Information - The IDLA website will have a lot of general information about the various courses and programs.  SVSEF athletes at WRHS are highly encouraged to take 2 IDLA credits over the summer and 2 more during the regular school year (ideally in the fall).  SVSEF Athletes need to sign up for both the summer AND fall courses with the IDLA coordinator Becky Duncan ( BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Here are Some important dates:

  • March 17 - Registration opens for both Summer and Fall courses
  • May 1 - Registration opens for Fall Session
  • May 18 - Aug 21 - Summer Flex course (No NCAA Credit)
  • June 8 - Aug 21 - Summer Standard courses (called Summer Cohort)
  • Aug 25 - Nov 21 - Fall 12-week course
  • Sept 8 - Jan 16 - Fall 16-week course
  • Dec 1 - Feb 27 - Winter 16-week course


Download the Summer 2015 Flyer and Fall 2015 Flyer for complete information and offerings.


Custom IDLA courses - Sometimes the Summer and Fall course offerings don't provide the ideal combination of online courses to match your 4-year plan.  It is possible to schedule a custom IDLA course in the subject matter you are looking for in one of the regular 12- or 16-week windows.   Custom scheduled courses require nine students to keep the course fee at $75/person.  If there are fewer than nine students the full $500 cost of the course will be split among however many students sign up.  Please contact either Becky Duncan ( or Matt Leidecker ( to discuss setting up a custom IDLA course.


WRHS & IDLA Schedules - Here is a color coded look at the WRHS Semester Schedule overlaid with typical SVSEF competition schedules and IDLA standard and flex course offerings.  Download the IDLA course catalogs (link above) to determine which courses are offered in the Summer Cohort, Flex, Fall 12-week, and Fall 16-week that best fit your 4-year plan.  If you are an excel geek and want a copy of this to use for planning your 4-years at WRHS you can download a copy here: WRHS master schedule 2015-16.xls